Okay, I have decided to get a Web Presence. Where do I start?.........
All you need to do is call us with your ideas and we can put everything into practice for you. With Local-hosts.co.uk, it is possible to have a basic web site with an email address just by purchasing a domain name, we offer all the facilities to get a web presence online using our free home page design service just by registering a single domain name . So, as a minimum, you need to register a domain name from just £8.99 per year.
What domain name should I choose?
Choose your domain name carefully, make sure it is easy to remember and easy to spell. Your domain is your website address. It could be your business name or a word to describe your business or products. If you purchase more than one it is easy to point your extra domains to the original domain. e.g.www.johnsmith-painting.co.uk or www.bestdecorating2go.co.uk - we recommend that you choose a .co.uk suffix.
What do I have to do next?
To make your web site available and accessible to everyone else within the internet community you will need to have your domain name registered and somewhere to keep your information to broadcast it over the internet - a web hosting package. With Local-hosts this is all included within the cost of our packages and provides you with your domain web space, FTP facilities and full incoming/outgoing email.
What option do I need? Starter, Business or Professional?
Your ideal web hosting plan really depends on the type of organisation you are. All the plans are competitively priced according to the increasing services each offers and you can see more about the categories on our 'affordable' page. We will be happy to advise you in plain english, which option will be the right starting point for you and as all our packages are scaleable, we can increase these facilities in line with your business growth.
How do I go about making the individual web pages?
As part of our web hosting plan we provide a competitive design service for all our customers. We have ready made themes to choose from, which create professional looking pages, including links, counters and statistical information. We also provide expertise to include ecommerce and web shops. You may be able to create and design your own pages using an html design programme in which case we will work alonside you providing personal help as necesary. If you are designing your own web pages and are still unsure about uploading your files, send them to us and we will do it for you. In other words - we will support, advise and show you the best way forward.
Ok, I understand all that and I want to find out how to get things going, what now?
If you are ready, the first job is to pick a suitable domain name – and you can do that on our contact page- Once you have found the right name just call us and we will do the rest! If you cant find exactly what you want call us anyway, we will be able to help you.
In the meantime if you want to read more, click the step by step guide below ....
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