So we can get a really good understanding of what elements you need in your web site, we start by finding out about you and how your business operates. After you've told us everything we need to know, we then consider the structure of the web site, create a draft master page and get your approval. We can then start constructing your website weaving in the elements that make you unique. When that's done and approved, your website will be uploaded and be visible to the world, ready for business!

First we decide on a template or layout which would stay pretty much the same throughout your website. You'll choose whether you want your menus at the top or side, how thick your header bar is, where your text and images will sit and a few things like that. We'll work out how many Menu Pages you'll need - A Menu Page is accessible from the Menu Bar on every page – things like About us, News Contact us etc.
We can then decide how many Linked Pages you'll need. A Linked Page doesn't appear on the menu bar, instead, it's a link from anywhere on your site. You might click a text link to get to it, or an icon, or maybe an image. We want to build something that you're delighted with and this is explained in more detail in our Step-By-Step Guide to creating your own website. We do not take things for granted, or make assumptions about what you'd like and our approach has taken the “hit and miss” out of website design and simplified the process.
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Step by Step Guide